6 Types of Digital Marketing Techniques You Need to Know

6 Types of Digital Marketing Techniques You Need to Know

Tackle The Beast Of Digital Marketing With Us!

We all are aware of the fact that Digital Marketing is a beast we are trying to tackle. It is complicated rocket science and we all are trying to find out which channels should we be on at what time. 

  • What do SEO and PPC really have to do with Digital Marketing, and what exactly does it mean?
  • What are the pros and cons of each of the types of digital marketing?
  • From where do you even begin?

We are going to give a guide on 6 types of digital marketing in this blog. Let’s have a look!

It Is All About Digital Marketing

We all are aware that the past decade has been the digital era, and the world of digital marketing has seen a boom in this. Now, digital marketing has become an explicit component of an organization’s supreme marketing strategy.

And, a great Digital Design Agency with the right digital marketing design, tactics, and strategies can lead your company to tailor and convey the messages to reach a target audience. A good Custom Web Design makes it possible in every way to market directly to an audience who can be turned into regular clients.

Digital marketing is a deep ocean, it is much more than just a professional website and an entertaining ‘viral’ video”.

“Do it right with custom web design.”

When it comes to choosing your digital marketing strategies, you should be able to answer the following:

Why do you want to use digital marketing, and for what services and products do you want to utilize? And,

What is the target audience that you are trying to reach with your marketing tactics?

Knowing the answers to the above questions will guide you in selecting the right schemes, formats, and channels to achieve your desired objectives.

6 Types of Digital Marketing

  1. Content marketing
  2. Search engine marketing
  3. Display Advertising
  4. Mobile Marketing
  5. Social Media Marketing
  6. Email Marketing

Content Marketing – A Crucial Digital Marketing Constitute 

Content marketing is all about the creation and distribution of relevant content.

It includes texts, images, and multimedia— everything that makes its readability engaging and interactive. It should add value to the ideas and messages that you want to convey to your audience. You should focus on the quality of content writing instead of just running and broadcasting your advertising message.

In case you’re involved in B2C (business to consumer), ‘content’ may include social media posts, blog articles, and entertaining videos.

In case you’re involved in B2B (business to business), it might include reports, seminars, and educational videos.

The perks you can enjoy!

No doubt, content is unbelievably versatile and it can assist in building your brand for so many reasons. This way, you can educate, entertain, relate and inspire your audience just the way you want; it’s the main thing that fuels all the other forms of digital marketing, without good and relatable content you can’t just reach far. As well as, go for driving search engine optimization, social media campaigns, email marketing, etc.

The next step you need to take

Keep in mind the platforms where you’ll be posting each segment of your content whether it be your website, on any specific social platform, etc.

Search Engine Marketing – The Backbone of Digital Marketing

Search engine marketing is all about getting your website to emerge at the top of the search results whenever a person searches for your brand, so go for great SEO Services.

Relevant phrases or words make a huge difference in your Google rankings

It accounts for both organic or natural search (search engine optimization, or SEO) as well as paid search (pay per click, or PPC) and both devices, desktop computers, and mobile devices. The key to search engine marketing is to ensure that your customers can actually find you. In short, just make it visible!


Search Engine Optimization does what it says; optimizing for search engines! It simply means creating content that most people are busy searching for.

As well as, keep ensuring that this content, and the channels where it’s running, should be optimized from a technical belief also.

In fact, everyone should do it, it doesn’t matter what business or industry you’re in.

The perks you can enjoy!

First, It’s free!

Second, whenever your brand is visible in the organic search results, it appears to be as being more validated and objective in the view of your customers.

The next step you need to take

A reliable and great SEO begins with content!

You must get to know the content strategy first. Second, we would suggest that you should do some keyword research to get to know what most people are searching for. In addition, you should try to stick on top of the most recent updates from the number of likes on Google.

If you’re a beginner, then you may utilize a plug-in to help you optimize your site just the right way (e.g. Yoast for WordPress) or, if you’ve got a bigger budget, you can work with an expert to do a more comprehensive job.

Display Advertising In Digital Marketing

Display advertising, also known as banners. There are a lot of similarities between print ads and traditional print you’d probably get in magazines. The only difference is that they are online.

You can make particular Announcements

Here, you can target particular announcements that you want your audience to see or read. Now, it has become much more advanced and revolutionary with advertising programmatically.

In display advertising, the ads are booked, analyzed, and optimized by automated methods of the strict Google using algorithms.

Keep Retargeting Your Audience

It keeps retargeting, just imagine, you look at a pair of lovely shoes on your super favorite department store web page. And then those shoes follow you on each and every website you visit for days and months afterward.

Huh! What will you do? Maybe you will keep thinking of buying them, till you actually make a purchase. This is what display advertising is all about.

It haunts you like ghosts but just in a good way!

The perks you can enjoy!

It’s very easy and accessible for you to target, and re-target, and re-target your potential customers efficiently.

In addition, the display ads are extremely easy to track and they let you keep the track of conversions in real-time.

The next step you need to take

Make your ads interesting!

For the purpose of displaying your ads, you need to consider both the creative point—making it interesting, clear, impactful, and relatable—and the placement of content—selecting relevant content that fits your message in just the right way and should be a match for your potential audience.

Third-Party Solution

If you’re running a small business and you are well aware of your potential customers, you may approach significant publishers about advertising you on their website directly; or you may also take the help from a third-party solution like Google Display Network or Facebook Audience Network.

Mobile Marketing

Keeping in mind the time your potential customers spend on their mobile phones, indeed mobile marketing is the key ingredient for your next digital marketing recipe. 

Mobile Marketing Is As Huge As Digital Marketing Itself

It’s a whole new world. It may overlap with many other forms of advertising. It accounts for doing everything you’re doing on your desktop but it is adapted in a way that can be used on mobile.

As well as doing mobile-specific things like in-app advertising, sending text messages, and using social messaging apps. It’s especially important if you’re targeting a younger audience who spends all their time on their phones.

The perks you can enjoy!

At the end of the day, we all are customers (that accounts for you and me!). We are on our phones much more time compared to our computers these days. So, to put it simply, mobile marketing means reaching them exactly where they are.

In addition, mobile marketing can be utilized for the purpose of hyper-targeting the niche using particular audience fragments to reach people in a particular location.

The con, you may face!

Very limited space to play creatively on a mobile phone

Unfortunately, you have a very limited space to play creatively on a mobile phone. Furthermore, the mobile ads have a low click rate as well as most mobile apps get downloaded just once and are then literally forgotten the next moment.

So, we would suggest that keep this con in mind whenever you get a Custom Mobile App Development.

The next step you need to take!

It Should Look Just Perfect On All Types Of Devices

The most definite priority is to ensure that your entire website and all your content should be mobile-friendly. In addition to this, it should work and look just perfect on all types of devices. This simply means keeping everything concise and simple by using clear text.

Also, use big buttons and put appropriate captions on your videos so that the audience can get the message you want to convey. It should be made in a way that even the audience can understand your videos when they don’t have sound on their mobile phones.

In fact, that’s indeed a great place to begin. Furthermore, you might consider more particular mobile advertising, text message campaigns, or apps.

Digital Marketing with Social Media

Social media blesses you with a unique opportunity to enjoy a two-way conversation with your targeted customers!

If we compare other channels like TV, print, and even online display advertising, social media adds a whole new world of engagement and interaction.

It lets you interact with your customers in a real way

Instead of just broadcasting messages out to a mass audience. It lets you really interact with your customers and listen to their opinions, queries, and concerns.

There are all types of platforms that you can utilize for digital marketing—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat—and choices ranging from organic—for example, page posts, Facebook groups, Instagram stories, and Messenger—to Paid Ads Campaigns—like Facebook and Instagram ads.

This is the key

We would say that every business should focus on paid ads campaign. Great  Social Media Marketing Services can make a great difference in your social media marketing, your business can get the boom it deserves.

The perks that you can enjoy

You just need to make an effort once then people will do your job even without charging any money. How?

Let’s take an example, you post a story on Instagram then people like it, it gets viral and boom, the effort you put in is getting multiplied without you doing anything.

Voila! people will like, comment on and share your content with their connections.

The next step you need to take

The selection of the content, its creation, and format should be according to the channels you’re going to distribute it on.

Email Marketing

Can you resist a Black Friday deal? Think, think again now, ummmm! your answer is probably NO! 

You might be thinking of sending emails to potential clients as an old-school marketing strategy. But we would disagree with your point of view, the Email Marketing Campaign is still one of the most effective digital marketing strategies.

Specifically, e-commerce websites and retail brands are enjoying their perks by pushing seasonal advertising and discounts. Think of Black Friday deals or Valentine’s Day, so give email marketing a lot of merits.

The perks you can enjoy!

Having a list of emails lets you stay in touch with your followers without fretting over ever-changing algorithms.

You can build relationships with your customers and they will keep you in their mind when they’re in the mood to buy.


No matter what company or industry you are in, your business needs a digital marketing strategy to flourish in today’s hyper-competitive world.

You Need A Digital Design Agency

You need a Digital Design Agency for marketing your business digitally. Actions speak louder than words, so start acting, check out our digital design agency.

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