Circle Logo Design

Among the multitude of logo shapes and designs, circular logos have emerged as one of the most recognized and widely utilized forms in contemporary design. Many businesses leverage the benefits of circular attributes in their logo designs. In this article, we delve into the significance of incorporating circular elements into your logo design and provide insights into mastering the art of circular logos.

Let’s begin by addressing the question: why opt for circular logos? What significance do these shapes carry for a brand?

To grasp the true impact of circle logo design ideas, it’s essential to understand how the shape of your logo resonates with your audience’s perception.

Delving deeper into our ancient cultural roots, we discover that early human communication relied on various basic shapes, crafted in alignment with the fundamental geometry of the universe.

In today’s context, we draw inspiration from these ancient practices and employ geometric shapes to captivate our audience.

Why the preference for circles? The circle holds both psychological and philosophical significance in the realm of design. From a psychological perspective, the circle, being a closed, complete, and infinite entity with no definitive beginning or end, serves as a perfect representation of wholeness.

Furthermore, scientists propose an intriguing theory, suggesting that circles evoke feelings of security, tranquility, and association with concepts such as motion, femininity, softness, and perpetuity.


1. Understanding Your Audience Before Introducing Circular Logo

Although a much-talked-about point, before designing a logo, you need to understand who your target audience is. Undoubtedly, you can create a logo that aligns deeply with your target audience’s preferences.

When it’s about creating a circle logo you need to research more, as different shapes of logos have a different effect on the audience, so it’s highly advisable to find out whether your circular logo will compliment your branding efforts or not.

A look around the world would reveal that circle-based logos are mostly used by the automobile industry. Almost all car companies use logos that are circular in shape because a circle shape stands for stability, strength, trust and thus engage the audience and induce them to buy.

For example: BMW logo is popular among vintage circular logos and is also a good illustration of companies that know which shape would impress the audience.


2. Create A Visual Hierarchy To Add a Deeper Meaning

Visual hierarchy is the arrangement of design elements in such a way that implies importance to the most crucial aspect of the design. To put it differently, visual hierarchy determines the order in which the human eye perceives what it sees. In a field of perception, this order is created by the visual contrast between forms.

Hence, creating visual hierarchy is essential while designing a circle logo to add a deeper meaning to the design. But before that, you need to identify what the elements of a circle logo are, so that you can wisely use up space.

There are several ways you can create a visual hierarchy in a circle logo – you can curve text with the company name and slogan where the monogram is placed at the middle to attract attention to the name of the company.

For example, a close look at Volkswagen would reveal that it makes use of the circle in a creative way.

3. Stick To The Golden Ratio Principle

Design experts reveal that there is no universal formula for creating a perfect circle logo. But there are a number of techniques on how to use a circle design in a logo. One of the most popular and successful combinations is using the golden ratio principle with a circle.

What is the golden ratio?

The golden ratio or the golden rectangle is a mathematical proportion. The shape has a proportion of 1 to 1.618. When it comes to applying it in design, there are two sets of thoughts:


  1. Setting up a design using a grid based on the ratio to create harmony
  2. Doing nothing and letting the ratio apply automatically


The golden ratio is used to achieve beauty, balance, and harmony in art and design. The best example of a circular logo that is well known for the golden ratio is the iconic Apple logo.

We can’t deny the logo’s simplicity and ability to convey a brand message with ease. In this logo, the designer cleverly uses circle forms to create elements that overlap and subtract parts of the main body of the logo. The circles are approximate of the same sizes, and the artist creates various asymmetrical shapes which are harmoniously put together.

4. Design a Circular Logo With Symmetry

Symmetry is yet another essential element of designing. Logos that are designed symmetrically represent a firm, reliable, stable look thereby emitting the impression of security. Needless to say, symmetric shapes have calming effects on the human eye, and thus when symmetry and circles are combined, a desirable outcome of attractiveness is achieved.

Symmetry in designs is mostly used for circular logos in the automobile industry. But if you want to know about a perfectly symmetrical circle logo design, the best example can be the Shell logo designed by Raymond Loewy.

Take a look at the logo. The artist renders a simple look with certain 3D effect using the circle as a base and thereby cleverly bringing symmetric lines on both sides.

5. Maintain Brand Consistency For Maximum Impact

Besides a number of tips and tricks, there is one essential tip which you mustn’t miss out while designing a circular logo – don’t forget to maintain brand recognition. In order to strengthen your brand recognition, it is imperative to desire brand consistency.

Whether you want to add a wordmark to the circle monogram or incorporate some other element in your circular logo, you have to maintain a similar typeface to your brand recognizable.

According to design experts, you need to use clear-cut typefaces in your circular logos with text rather than a slim font. In a circle, a slim typeface is not clearly visible and makes your logo non-functional.

As you know that your brand logo will be placed on all your brand items, therefore it’s essential to carefully design your logo to maintain the consistency of your brand.

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In conclusion, mastering the art of circle logo design requires attention to detail and adherence to key principles. By following the five tips outlined above, designers can create impactful and visually appealing circular logos that effectively communicate brand identity and resonate with audiences.

From understanding the significance of circle logo design ideas to leveraging visual hierarchy and symmetry, each tip plays a crucial role in crafting memorable and cohesive logos. 

By maintaining brand consistency and incorporating elements such as the golden ratio, designers and Graphic Design Company can elevate their circle logo designs to new heights of sophistication and effectiveness. With these tips in mind, designers can confidently embark on the journey of creating stunning and meaningful circle logos that leave a lasting impression.

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