Top Tools to Make Your Shopify Product Hunting Super Easy

Shopify Product Hunting Super Easy

Top Tools to Make Your Shopify Product Hunting Super Easy

Are you grappling with deciding what to offer in your Shopify store? Many hopeful entrepreneurs hit a roadblock when trying to do Shopify product hunting. It’s common to discover that your ideas are already saturating the online market. Shopify has 2.1 million daily active users on average.

Yet, despite the intense competition, there are continual instances of fresh and prosperous product launches, especially given the current eCommerce surge. So, how can you discover standout products to sell?

Exploring various tools, apps, and websites can be instrumental in kickstarting your Shopify store with products that already boast popularity among customers. Shopify accounts for $444+ billion in global economic activities. Leveraging these resources can help you figure out how to do product hunting for Shopify and accelerate the growth of your store and propel it to success.

Product Hunting in a Snapshot

Shopify product hunting involves scouring various marketplaces and tools to identify trending items for your online store. Wondering how to do product hunting for Shopify? Utilize Google Trends, Amazon’s best sellers, and Oberlo to pinpoint high-demand products. Engage in product hunting for Shopify dropshipping by leveraging Syncee’s supplier catalog and Printify’s custom printing options to curate a winning product lineup.

How To Do Product Hunting For Shopify – Top Tools

Google Trends

Google Trends offers a convenient platform for analyzing the volume trends of Shopify product hunting, giving insights into their demand trajectory. By examining search volume trends, you can gauge the popularity of products across different regions. If you notice a decline in search results on Google Trends, it signals the potential obsolescence of the product, prompting you to explore alternative options.


There are three methods for conducting product research using one of the largest e-commerce companies globally. Firstly, utilize Amazon’s Movers and Shakers, which showcases products with significant sales increases within 24-hour intervals, updated hourly. 

Secondly, explore Amazon’s best sellers in your chosen category, refreshed every 24 hours. 

Lastly, consider investing in Jungle Scout, a tool that simplifies product discovery by tracking Amazon listings and applying custom filters to identify profitable and high-demand items.


Etsy provides a marketplace for unique, handcrafted products to customers worldwide. When you browse through the trending products section, you’ll be able to see the type of products in high demand.


eBay, another prominent online marketplace, offers a plethora of popular products to aid in your decision-making process. The Watch Count feature reveals the number of views a particular product has garnered, with higher counts indicating significant interest. Additionally, the Trending section displays the volume of searches and provides product page URLs, offering valuable insights into current market trends.


AliExpress stands apart from its parent company Alibaba by allowing users to order products in small quantities. The Popular section showcases trending items, providing valuable insights into current market trends.

Apps to Help You Shopify Product Hunting


Oberlo, a Shopify app, streamlines product sourcing by connecting you with third-party drop shippers who ship directly to your customers. Its versatility lies in the ability to find products across various niche markets. 

Moreover, Oberlo provides valuable insights into the performance of each product. Examples of products available through Oberlo include pet accessories, sunglasses, rings, watches, phone accessories, electronics, apparel, and more.


Syncee offers access to a catalog featuring reputable suppliers worldwide, simplifying the process of importing products into your Shopify store. This saves you from the time-consuming task of vetting suppliers individually. The platform provides a wide range of products, including toys, watches, perfume, fishing accessories, fashion items, and more, catering to diverse market needs.

Creative Hub

Creative Hub, a UK-based app, offers access to premium art created by contemporary artists. For those interested in selling art on their Shopify store, Creative Hub provides valuable information such as the minimum price at which each piece can be sold and the share of profits for vendors. Additionally, vendors have the opportunity to acquire limited edition pieces, which can be sold at a higher price, adding to the exclusivity and value of their offerings.


For those inclined towards customizing their own designs on products, Printify offers a comprehensive solution. This app facilitates print-on-demand products and provides access to a broad product catalog, encompassing items such as hoodies, t-shirts, coffee mugs, posters, wall decor, beach towels, notebooks, and more.

Lulu Xpress

Lulu xPress specializes primarily in calendars and books, offering print-on-demand options for custom book products. Users can select their preferred format, whether hardcover or softcover, along with the desired color and ink quality. The platform supports the creation of various book types, including novels, comic books, photo books, poetry books, calendars, and journals.


Shapeways is a 3D printing service that allows you to bring to life your 3D models. Even though 3D modelling can be expensive, you can use it to create a unique product that you’ll be able to sell for rapid prototyping or on-demand. Shapeways has a variety of printing material you can leverage for your 3D models including sandstone, plastic, aluminum, gold, and steel.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, mastering Shopify product hunting is essential for successful dropshipping ventures. Understanding how to do product hunting for Shopify is crucial, especially when embarking on custom Shopify development. By integrating effective strategies and leveraging tools, such as Syncee and Printify, entrepreneurs can elevate their dropshipping game and maximize their Shopify store’s potential.

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